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Products & Solutions

IP Phone Recording

Software Summary

Currently, more and more enterprises are turning from analog phone to IP phone as a solution for daily communication, and the corresponding demand for telephone recording is also increasing. ECCOM UC recording software v3.0 is a product developed to meet various enterprise applications in response to such growing market demand.


For IP telephone systems, common recording schemes include SPAN recording and conference recording. ECCOM UC recording software v3.0 adopts SPAN recording scheme and supports mainstream SIP phone scheme. Especially for Cisco IP phone system, BIB recording scheme is additionally supported and more flexible phone recording deployment is provided.



Software Function

● Recording: both BIB and SPAN recording methods are supported, and both recording methods are supported to work at the same time;

 User management: supporting the setting of user roles and permissions to facilitate the management of different functions of different users accessing the system;

 Recording management: providing rich query conditions to facilitate quick query of records. Providing unique call record comparison function to warn of faults at the first time;

 System management: providing system management data such as system service status, operation log and disk information;

 Network storage and archiving: the recorded storage files can be archived remotely and you can directly access the recorded files on the storage server at the browser end;

 Report management: meeting the customization requirements of customers for reports.



Software Characteristic

● Double recording

For Cisco IP phone system, ECCOM UC recording software v3。0 can provide innovative double recording of BIB and SPAN in the industry, providing maximum reliability through two completely different recording methods。


● Centralized management of distributed deployment

ECCOM UC recording software v3.0 can allocate multiple record service modules to record at the same time, so as to realize load balancing of recording service when resources are satisfied. At the same time, recording can be carried out for multiple telephone system sites respectively, which can meet the needs of large enterprises across regions to realize local recording and centralized management of data. ECCOM UC recording software v3.0 can theoretically realize recording processing of unlimited number of phones under the condition of sufficient resources and sufficient configuration of hardware servers.


● Automatic inspection of recording records

For Cisco IP phone system, ECCOM UC recording software v3.0 provides automatic recording check. The software can automatically find and prompt recording records that may have problems, help administrators to find problems early on, and reduce losses caused by untimely discovery.


 Recording storage

The biggest consumption of the recording software is the disk. On the premise of not affecting the normal call quality, the ECCOM UC recording software v3.0 compresses the audio storage to a certain extent. The current compression rate is approximately 2 KB files per second. The estimated one-minute recording file is less than 120 KB. This has greatly improved the customer's disk utilization. At the same time, the recording system supports external centralized storage, and can regularly push recording files to external storage through ftp, which is convenient for customers to archive their recording files.





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