Official Release of ECCOM NetEagle3.6.10.0


After the continuous iterative process of demand, design, R&D and test as well as multiple versions, NetEagle has finally achieved breakthrough and officially released Version 3。6。10。0, which is now online and has been put into a number of bank projects。 The product mainly includes the following function modules and achieved functions in this version:

Function highlight 1: when the assets belong to different branches and are required for monitoring and management, it can be achieved, through the organizational decentralization, that the user can only see, configure and monitor the devices of its organization, which has enabled that only one system is required for the maintenance of a dozen branches and tens of thousands of devices, without interference between the branches.

Function highlight 2: in order to better monitor the device status and timely understand the device use, NetEagle3.6.10.0 has included the polling checking functions of ping, snmp and telnet/ssh.

Function highlight 3: with the load of tens of thousands of devices, the device balance for task execution is executed by the acquisition server so as to share the system acquisition and the system load of manual/automatic tasks, in an effort to improve the execution efficiency and achieve the effect of load balance。

Function highlight 4: From security verification to the acquisition and maintenance of asset information, then to the acquisition and maintenance of each task information in the system, NetEagle3.6.10.0 provides users with the use interface of restapi.

This version adheres to the consistent tradition of NetEagle, staying committed to the improvement and optimization of its original functions as well as continuously developing new functions. This update has, for the first time, realized the self-service management mode for branches through one system, which not only meets the requirement for full coverage, but also enables the flexible operation mode of self-service management for the devices of branches. Keeping pace with the times, the new version not only adds new highlights, but also optimizes interfaces based on user operation habits, improving user experience and exhibiting the meticulous and dedicated enterprise spirit of ECCOM.