A Record on ECCOM 15th Anniversary Celebration


In this age full of rapid changes, each company can acquire a greater business opportunity, expand itself and win a more brilliant prospect only by advancing continuously。 In the past 15 years, ECCOM has never stopped its pace of advancing bravely。 It is not too much to say that ECCOM has always been on the way of advancing。 The power that ECCOM relies on for advancing comes from each ECCOM employee。 Nowadays, how to integrate such an essential and huge power and bring it into full play so that ECCOM can walk more and more steadily and quickly in the future is an issue that ECCOM needs to ponder emphatically。  

The Annual Conference Report of President Song Shimin is directly entitled “Net clustering, the advancing power in the past 15 years”, the theme of 2015 Annual Conference, and expounds the theme of the annual conference: “Toady, we are together. First of all, I would like to thank all guests, customers and ECCOM employees and their family members. The advancing of ECCOM is attributed to the power of ECCOM---the sustainable growth power accumulated and converged in the past 15 years. The root-striking ability of ECCOM has been growing day by day. In the future, ECCOM will have higher sales targets. It may take some time to hit these targets. However, as long as the power of ECCOM—growing, dedicated, marketing, cultural and innovative power---exists, these targets can come true.”    

Today, ECCOM repeatedly makes surprising achievements. On the 15th anniversary of ECCOM, ECCOM has also made amazing achievements in 2014. In 2015, ECCOM will aim at higher targets. The high sales figures should be attributed to the diligent devotion of highly-skilled engineers. In 2014, the smart services launched by the technical team of ECCOM have been gradually going toward perfection, enjoying a desirable market response. As always stressed by the company, ECCOM needs to pursue the original significance of products, so as to give full play to the most essential functions of products, namely, perfecting the services of ECCOM, so that it can compete more favorably in the market. In addition, the power of ECCOM is not limited to its internal power. The superiors and peers of ECCOM offer a strong support to ECCOM.   

Just as reviewed at the conference, in the past 15 years, ECCOM has expanded its scale, enhanced its performance and promoted its reputation. In the past 15 years, ECCOM has increased its strength from zero to the present-day level. However, the above is not the greatest wealth of ECCOM. All ECCOM employees have jointly created the amazing achievements of ECCOM, which is exactly the real, the strongest and the most impregnable advancing power of ECCOM.