ECCOM winds up internal audit of ISO QMS and ITSS


On Oct。 25, 2014, ECCOM winds up the 20-plus-days-long internal audit for the year of 2014。 

In this year’s internal audit, the auditors not only examined the ISO9001 quality management system, but also went all through and performed on-site validation of the company’s operation and maintenance services from the standpoints of four basic elements of IT O&M services, namely, People, Process, Technology and Resource.

nformation Technology Service Standards (ITSS) is a whole set of information technology service standards for IT services and the components thereof, intended to serve as guidelines for standardized implementation and reliable IT services. ITSS has drawn upon the essence of the theory of quality management and the methodology of process improvement, and has specified and standardized the elements and lift cycle of IT services. 

ECCOM passed on-site assessment of ITSS compliance and on-site review by an ITSS expert panel at the end of 2013 and was awarded the Certificate for Compliance with ITSS. The year of 2014 is the first year following ECCOM’s acquisition of the ITSS certificate and a year of the utmost importance to the construction of the system, the implementation of the standards and fusion and improvement of the system. The company has successfully launched the system, enforced and fine-tuned the standards and driven fusion and trial run of the system by drawing upon its well-established IT service practices and extensive experience. 

The result of the internal audit this time proves the compliance and effectiveness of the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, which measures up to the standards and requirements, and is put into operation properly and being improved on a continual basis, with the guidelines and targets being realized.