ECCOM signs China Merchants Bank Tier 1 Branch Network Migration Project




ECCOM re-signs China Merchants Bank branch office network migration project, and will work closely with China Merchants Bank as a strategic partner in new projects。

China Merchants Bank is one of China’s premier listed banks, and been an leader in leveraging network technologies. Since mid-2010, ECCOM has been bridging the gap between vendors and customers, and assessing China Merchants Bank branch network operations helping to optimize their network. The network architecture has not only been significantly improved in terms of stability and ease of maintenance, but also better to adapt and support the rapid growth of China Merchants Bank over the next three to five years.

Currently, a portion of the project has already passed inspection during China Merchants Bank appraisal at the end of March 2012。 With ECCOM being officially recognized for technical expertise, documentation, and project management capabilities— standing out among over 200 vendors, ECCOM is ranked as one of CMB’s top 10 suppliers。

During the next phase of the project, ECCOM will continue to work to provide better technical support, and ensure CMB’s smooth operation of their network.