ECCOM Takes Charge of Alibaba 11.11 Evening Party's Video Connection


Based on the trust in ECCOM, Alibaba assigned us to take charge of scheme design, implementation, deployment, optimization, and on-site security of basic network, wireless fidelity and video broadcasting system for the 11.11 evening party, as well as all video connections during November 11, 2015.

ECCOM team was given only one month to design party-related scheme in respect of on-site basic network, WiFi and video conference, deliver equipment, and complete on-site implementation and security works.

The complexity of project scheme brought us unprecedented challenge:

Wired network is required to meet multiple business needs for the evening party (including but not limited to full-field wireless access, on-site large screen access, television network broadcasting access, video conference access, client’s intranet office work, and other suppliers’ extranet access); while wireless network is required to be omnibearing and dead-zone free, covering the whole Water Cube. Application requirements such as high-density coverage and on-site shake function shall also be satisfied.

Video conference is required to connect Rural Taobao Station, Cainiao Logistics Base and other video locations with unidentified network performance. Over 25 video connections shall complete within 24 hours. 

Zero interruption occurred during our 4-hour online broadcasting, bringing great viewing experience to audience using PC and intelligent terminals.

Neither had the wireless network disappointed the audience and media at that evening party. The number of terminals accessing to Tmall-1111 SSID has reached up to 1518. Amidst the peak period, a throughput test using mobile phone (iPhone6) at the strand proved that the downstream rate arrived at 24.41Mbps (in terms of outlet device, networking speed is limited at 30Mbps per IP address).Over 80 terminals were connected to each AP during the peak period.

All video connections were achieved with high quality, high resolution and zero interruption. ECCOM team made it possible to achieve video connections under live broadcasting with the method of video conference instead of professional broadcasting vehicle.

The 2015 Tmall 11.11 Shopping Festival ended successfully at night on November 10, 2015 at Beijing Water Cube. ECCOM team accomplished all tasks for ensuring the 11.11 evening party satisfactorily, living up to everyone's expectations. It is a great honor of ECCOM team to help build sound network environment for shopping festival.