ECCOM NetEagle3.6 Gets Launched Officially


After one year’s efforts and hard work of the ECCOM R&D team, the new version of ECCOM NetEagle3.6 is officially launched!

Ten years ago, the three engineers of ECCOM Software started from the very beginning, developed step by step the first version of ECCOMNet of ECCOM, which achieved a breakthrough in having an independent product of ECCOM and laid the foundation for the development of ECCOM’s independent software products. During the past ten years, ECCOM’s network management system has been upgrading from ECCOMNet1.0 to ENMS2.5, from NetEagle2.6 to NetEagle3.0 and NetEagle3.5, which witnessed the growth and development of ECCOM’s independent software.

Today, the new version of NetEagle3.6 adopts a brand-new interface style and a more optimized background structure, so as to meet more and more complex requirements of network operation and management.


With the situation that there are more and more types of network devices, NetEagle3.6 has strengthened the supervision on the devices from more main manufacturers, and devices made by Huawei, H3C, Juniper and Ruijie are no longer difficult for ECCOM’s network management system.  

NetEagle3.6 has been optimized and enhanced in all fields of network operation and maintenance management. NetEagle3.6 has combined with years of experience in network construction and operation of ECCOM, optimized and improved some function modules such as NetFlow analysis, asset information management, equipment change management, IP address management; network management is not only a monitoring tool, but also a unified platform for information management, automatic management.


At this time that the tide of mobile Internet is sweeping across IT, ECCOM network management system is not reconciled of being lagged behind either, the NetEagle3。6 launched the mobile APP version。 Since now, customers can get to know all the information about network management from their mobile phone。


We can believe that in the tide of localization and autonomization, ECCOM’s independent products can achieve longer term development.