New ECCOM, New Power, New Safety ---A record on ECCOM Service and Advanced Threat Protection Solution Seminar


From PC Internet, mobile Internet, to industrial Internet of Things and “Internet +”, the innovation tides of Internet have swept across each corner that network can reach, boost the change of traditional industries, and usher a new IT era。 As a new trustworthy IT provider of integrated services, ECCOM leads the innovation tides with the help of cloud computation, big data, SDN and information security, dedicated to achieving new IT value characterized by application driving, rapid deployment, mass extension and safety & creditability。

Along with the development of IT technology and the continuous change of user demands, network threat has been evolving continuously and becoming more and more complicated and diversified. Although security assurance technology and process are improved continuously, safety loopholes still occur frequently. Therefore, how to carry out reasonable and effective safety protection has become an issue that needs our close attention. Against this issue, ECCOM launched the ECCOM Service and Advanced Threat Protection Solution Seminar based on the theme of “New ECCOM, new power, new safety” in Chongqing.  

In order to increase the understanding of customers, especially new customers, to ECCOM, ECCOM introduced the efforts it had made in the “new IT” change as a new trustworthy IT provider of integrated services at the beginning of this seminar。 In addition, at this seminar, ECCOM team ceremoniously launched the new-generation smart services of ECCOM—“The Smartest” Service: aiming to change the traditional IT service model with the help of new-generation information technology; automatically identifying the explicit and implicit demands of customers; offering sustainable services to customers, including consulting service, professional service, support & maintenance service and outsourcing service。 In addition, ECCOM introduced to customers the advanced threat protection solutions of ECCOM。 Against more and more severe threats from network safety, ECCOM has worked out a complete set of solutions by summarizing its years of practical experience。 We hope that we can, through systematic schematic design, help customers to set up the management system of enterprise information security, and we can promote the capacity of enterprises in meeting safety challenges by implementing this system throughout the process of information security construction。