ECCOM was honorably awarded the Annual Best Partner Global Prize of Cisco


On April 28, 2015, the opening ceremony of 2015 Cisco Global Partner Summit based on the theme of “Be Bold” was launched on a large scale at Montreal Convention Centre, Canada。 At this summit, John Chambers, the board chairman and CEO of Cisco, and Bruce Klein, global senior vice-president of Partner Business Department of Cisco, together introduced the partner plan of Cisco for the forthcoming year。 Bruce Klein said, “Cisco will continue to unswervingly go ahead, unite all new partners, and turn Internet of Everything from a development opportunity in bud to the profit engine of partners through concerted efforts。”

At the Global Partner Summit of Cisco, ECCOM Network System Co。, Ltd。 was honorably awarded the “Annual Best Partner” Global Prize of Great China, the outstanding performance of ECCOM in the best business practice of the same kind and in the exertion of exemplary role in the same industry was cited, and the excellent capacity of ECCOM in such fields as innovative practice, application achievement, unique plan, problem solving and sales scheme was affirmed。

As a new trustworthy IT provider of integrated services, ECCOM will continue to exert its advantage in the industry and solutions, make continuous breakthrough and innovation, and achieve new IT value characterized by application driving, rapid deployment, mass extension and safety & creditability.