ECCOM was awarded the certificate of “a third-level enterprise in the standardization of work safety”


In March 2015, the Shanghai Work Safety Association awarded the certificate of “standardization of work safety” to ECCOM。 ECCOM was approved and appraised as “a third-level enterprise in the standardization of work safety”。

In recent years, through unremitting efforts, the company has gradually reinforced its foundation in work safety management. Since 2014, the company has exclusively set up a leading team of work safety standardized construction according to the standardized requirements, perfected safety organization, specified targets, increased investment, reinforced management, implemented responsibilities, normalized systems, and set up a complete set of systems for the standardized management of work safety.

The smooth passing of the standardization of work safety is a great affirmation of the management achievements of the company. In the future, the company will set stricter requirement, carry out due management, reinforce the examination and implementation of various safety systems, increase its staff’s safety consciousness, and offer training of safety capacity. In addition, the acquisition of this certificate further displays the management level and comprehensive strength of the company, and facilitates the operations of the company.