Promote "Two Places & Three Centers” Deployment, ECCOM Helps with Guangdong Development Bank Technology Training


In November, ECCOM successfully conducted technology training for Guangdong Development Bank technical staff. Cisco and ECCOM engineers came together to discuss with Guangdong Development Bank headquarter and branch office personnel about their plans for their network routing protocol migration and relevant technical work.

As part of Guangdong Development Bank annual training jointly sponsored by ECCOM and Cisco, discussions included planning and preparation work in regards to the bank’s routing protocol migration and “Two Places & Three Centers” upcoming projects.

During the training, ECCOM presented customer success stories and engaged in dialogue with attendees. ECCOM was the major network integrator for ICBC Shanghai data center, China Communication Bank data center, Zhangjiang Bank Data Center, China Merchants Bank, and CRBank data center expansion projects providing customers with high-quality network services.

OSPF and BGP technology was the main topic for training.

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol developed as a IP network Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, uses link- state routing open shortest path first algorithms. It has a fast convergence, hierarchical network design, security and suited for large scale networks.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is an exterior routing protocol, whose focus is not only to discover and calculate routes, but also in the control of transmission and selection of routes. It helps customer to solve routing loop problems with reliability, simplifies route aggregation and routing tables to reduce required BGP routing bandwidth, and provides a wealth of routing features.

BGP and OSPF technologies provide customers with a more easily managed network, enabling customers clearly define their internal network architecture and greatly enhances scalability。

ECCOM looks forward to collaborating with Guangdong Development Bank in a win-win partnership in the future.