In an effort to become video multimedia experts, ECCOM conducts SAIC technology training


In late November, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) plans for technical training for 20 of its’ branches, with great focus given by SAIC leaders. ECCOM will provide training for SAIC covering environmental monitoring project, virtual desktop solutions, video, and multimedia.

During the day-to-day operations, businesses will often face many problems such as lack of event correlation tools, and passive response model leads to delay in identifying problems. In an effort to avoid these problems and improve efficiency, ECCOM provides an entire project framework. With the framework customers can monitor and manage their entire IT infrastructure and migrate from away from a decentralized management model. This will greatly improve operations and management of integration work and integration monitoring laying a solid foundation for process and automation management.

Desktop Virtualization Solutions:

ECCOM’s latest desktop virtualization solutions is based on server-centric computing model drawing on the traditional Thin Client / Terminal Services design mode. This offers system administrators and end- customers two advantages: centrally manage hosted virtual machines in the data center, and provide customers with a complete desktop experience. The solution can reduce the overall cost of the customer, enhance information security, and improve overall service levels.

Multimedia Video Collaboration Services:

Cisco immersive Telepresence and video conferencing solutions has a leading share of the global video conferencing market with its’ overall collaborative communication solutions providing comprehensive features. Cisco Video conferencing customers include Zhejiang Bank (Head Office and more than 70 branches), CIMC, 益海嘉里, 保利协鑫, and other customers providing them with quality services.

In order to better server our customers, ECCOM has developed a new conference management system based on Cisco’s video conferencing products。 The system features conference reservation。In addition, the system can not only manage Cisco video equipment, but conference room displays, room lighting, sound, and microphones all centrally controlled。 ECCOM’s solution provides a more convenient management model and operational experience demonstrating ECCOM’s core competency in video collaboration。

Collaboration results in win-win partnerships, ECCOM will be professional solutions can open a new chapter in enterprise network operation and maintenance.