ECCOM Successfully Conducts Three-Party Vendor Private Cloud Management Architecture Solution Nationwide Tour



Recently, ECCOM & Cisco, NetApp and Microsoft, co-sponsored the "Enterprise Private Cloud Management Architecture Solution Seminar”. The seminar lasted half a month and was held in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen and successfully concluded September 25th.  As Data Center Virtualization grows in popularity, IT departments are deploying shared IT infrastructure and multi-hypervisor environments to consolidate data silos, reduce cost of ownership, and increase manageability.  Given this trend, participants from Transportation, Government, Manufacturing, Financial services, and many other participants (over 100 guests) attended the discussion to much enthusiasm.

Microsoft kicked-off the meeting with a demonstration on their “FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud” solution. The solution built on Windows Server 2008 R2 and System Center 2012, is the validated by Microsoft for the updated Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track System Design 2.0.  FlexPod advantages not only include high efficiency, flexibility and low risk, but also highlights Microsoft expertise in cloud computing.  The in-depth presentation allowed all the guests to have a deep understanding and recognition of Flexpod.

Cisco’s technical experts talked about how Unified Computing System provides support for Data Center 3。0, which comprises of a unified network, compute, storage access, and virtualized resources for a cohesive platform that simplifies the complexity in managing management of data center resources, services, installation, power/cooling, wiring, and other maintenance aspects。 It can help achieve business agility, and is an economic and innovative solution。

During the second half to the workshop, ECCOM technical experts talked about ECCOM’s NetEagle Cloud Service Management Platform Solution. The solution can solve various problems encountered by customers when they are migrating to a virtualized infrastructure. From a high-level to low-level perspective, ECCOM went in-depth about the infrastructure virtualization process, and talked about best practices, guidance, and recommendations at an operational level that was well received by guests.

NetApp Alliance Director, Jeff Lok personally introduced NetApp for FlexPod examples, emphasizing the FlexPod flexibility and high availability giving attending guests further knowledge into Private Cloud technologies. 

The seminar provided an opportunity for the exchange of information about the latest technologies, redefining the "cloud computing" service delivery model so that the "Service - Platform - Infrastructure" end-to-end support model is possible.