ECCOM Certified NetScout’s Highest Level of Certification Master Reseller, Wins Million Club Award


May 2012, Bali, At the Netscout Asia Pacific Summit, Senior VP of Global Marketing Channel Strategy Alan Fink, VP of Global Products Division, Tom Casey, and Asia Pacific General Manager James Yu attended the summit。 ECCOM attended and was re-certified with Netscout’s highest-level certification, Master Reseller, and was awarded with the prestigious Million Club award。

NetScout sales channels are categorized into different levels for various region around the world, and adhere to a strict certification policy. The Master Reseller certification not only measures on one area of performance, but also on factors such as marketing, sales capabilities, technical service, and a comprehensive assessment of business’ financials.

NetScout executives also remarked that in 2011 NetScout experienced satisfactory sales growth in Telecom market, and will focus on Voice and Video Analysis solutions (nVVM) sales in 2012。 In addition, Netscout plans on working with partners to expand into other market areas such as Finance, Enterprise, and Government。 In addition, NetScout Business Development introduced new solutions and products to partners, typical customer success stories, and a live demonstration。

During the meeting, NetScout executives Alan Fink and ECCOM conducted in-depth communication. As of 2011, ECCOM currently accounts for more than 50% of all Netscout sales in the China, and the two companies plan on increasing collaboration to promote and grow the market. As part of the partnership strategy, ECCOM will increase IT and Marketing investments in Netscout products, while Netscout also plans on working close with ECCOM in it’s development process in hopes of further sales into ECCOM customer-base.

ECCOM & Netscout partnership strategies exhibit a high degree of synergy, whether the focus is on network data analysis, customer service support, voice and video quality analysis, product development, both companies will work closely on business development and technical cooperation in the future.