ECCOM Sponsors Cisco Plus leading "Cloud " Technology


At the National Convention Center in Beijing, Cisco Plus flagship summit marked an opportunity for customers and partners to more about the Cisco Cloud technologies。

The summit brought together more than two thousand guests from various industries and business areas, covering seven major cities in Greater China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hong Kong and Taipei from May 22 to 23. At the event, many leaders from Cisco, ECCOM, academia, and business attended to discuss how Cloud computing can transform the nation, drive market development, maintain growth.

As Cisco’s Best Cloud Partner for Greater China and Gold Partner, ECCOM showed commitment by sponsoring the event as a gold sponsor. During the summit, ECCOM also showcased its’ Unified Dispatch Command Center (UDCC) solution, and NetEagle Network Operations and Management platform.

UDCC— Integrating Technology; Optimizing Processes

ECCOM’s UDCC helps integrate intercom systems, video surveillance systems, radio systems, telephone, intercom, video surveillance, video scheduling, broadcast scheduling and many other technologies into one platform. The solution was designed to help companies increase sales, improve customer service and information management, and optimize workflow thus improving efficiency and create competitive advantage.

NetEagle— “Cloud" Management, Assist in Operations

Cloud computing has redefined the IT service delivery model, and transformed it into a " Service - Platform - Infrastructure " end-to-end support model. NetEagle was designed to meet the actual needs of the enterprise for a cloud service management platform, and is built on best practices, improve network service management quality, establish an effective network management process framework and system so customers can gradually move towards cloud computing.

ECCOM has been committed to providing the most optimized network solutions for various market segments, and has invited guests to this event from Telecom, Finance, Enterprise, Energy, and many other industries to showcase ECCOM’s UDCC and NetEagle solutions。 ECCOM has made steady and rapid growth in a number of core areas, from core network to services, from Collaboration to HD video, from Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud solutions, ECCOM’s brings competitive advantages to both customers and vendors alike for a win-win partnership。