Competitive Advantage

Extensive Customer-base & Proven Industry Experience

Our customers span across various markets including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy, Manufacturing, as well as Government and Public Sector institutions。 We have established great long-term relationships with both large and small enterprises, and have accumulated a wealth of experience in delivering solutions and services to our customer base。 Customers choose ECCOM cause they know we bring real value。

World-class Technical Expertise & Comprehensive Services

We have leading technology expertise and industry certifications, with over 960 technical professionals in the field and over 820 engineer certifications, including 57 Project Management, and 165 CCIE certified personnel. We are headquartered in Shanghai, with branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, and Shenzhen for service support covering China.

Open ecological system and long-term innovative investment

Adhering to the concept of openness, cooperation and sharing, we are actively building an ecological circle of partners and are committed to providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality product solutions。 We attach importance to the value of innovation, maintain active investment in independent innovation for a long time, and focus on combination of product technology innovation and industry business application in business practice, which has formed a series of IT solutions with industry characteristics。

Excellent Management Team & Vibrant Corporate Culture

Our strong management team is extremely knowledgeable about industry trends, and understands customer and market requirements through in-depth analysis。 Committed to value, ECCOM’s management team lead by example, are people-oriented, and is focused on cultivating our corporate culture。 Our staff is passionate about the work we do, and are constantly taking the initiative to improve our services。 Youthful。 Creative。 Hard-working。 These characteristics are what they bring to our business and customers。