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            About Gipfel
            About Gipfel
            Gipfel Machninary
            Most Potential brand of metal tube processing equipment
            Located in Zhangjiagang city
            100 km Economic radiation Circle ,Shanghai as the economic center
            with R & D, design, manufacturing, saling, etc.
            8 professional and efficient teams serving high-end market customers
            first passed the IS09001
            Quality and management system certification
            The company has the modern production and testing equipment as many as 68 sets to
            provide a strong guarantee for the quality of the products.
            Tube bending machine, tube processing automation, industrial non-standard automation, tube processing assistance and other four major products to provide customers with practical solutions.
            Provide perfect equipment solution
            with More than 120 self-developed products Offer A practicable solution.
            Products and solutions have been applied to
            36 countries and regions with a practicable solution .
            with 27 patents
            Constantly exceed customers' needs
            Gipfel Intelligent Made
            Intelligent made
            Gipfel makes intelligent science and technology into production and management in every field. Upgrade the production with the international advanced intelligent automation production line. Relying on (ERP) and other IT platform, standard management of company business process.
            Research and Development
            Over the years, we have been exploring applications in the industry in order to meet the needs of customers through constantly updated technology. Whether it is design idea, material selection or mold improvement, more humanized R & D investment will make our products more competitive and bring more market space to our customers.
            Over the years, we have the highest quality, safety and technical standards in the field of elbow manufacturing to ensure that the customers receive the most professional guarantee; the strict quality control system, the most modern production system and many years of experience ensure the accuracy and return of the customer's investment.